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Submitted PCB for Jetduino to Jetson TK1 connector by David Cofer

Submitted new design for connector between Jetduino and Jetson TK1 to make it easier to do prototyping and to connect the Jetson TK1 to external hardware.

Compiling Arduino 1.5.4 for the Jetson Tk1 and ARM - Part 4 (Compile BOSSAC) by David Cofer
This is part 4 of 4 that describes how to recompile the Arduino 1.5.4 source code so that it will work on the Nvidia Jetson TK1 microcomputer running Ubuntu 14.04, or another ARM system. This is the newer version of Arduino that can be used to program the Due microcontroller, unlike the older version you can get directly from the software center. This part focuses on recompiling the bossac application that allows Arduino to upload a sketch to the Due board.

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